‘You, First’..

For most, your Wedding Day happens once, while some others are graced with second chances, for whatever reason.

And there are certainly no do-overs once your upcoming Wedding Day has taken place..

So, there can be no mistakes.

YOU want it to be perfect. I do, too!

I am here to serve YOU. We meet with your wedding day wishes, your backgrounds, and your requests.

Every ceremony I have performed over the years is unique. There is no template, where only the names change one weekend to the next – there is only, ‘You.’

Your story. Your commitment to one another.

Because every couples’ journey is different than the next, I must capture it all, and provide a ‘snap shot’ of your journey for your families and guests.

While ensuring your story is woven into the fabric of your Ceremony, the vows you exchange, the promises you will make, and the tales of your love, we will tell.

Yes, I will ask a few questions to make all this happen, and love to buy coffee or dinner when we have the chance, to talk about your perfect ceremony.

I am both humbled and excited to have worked with Brides, Grooms, & their Families for many years, and know very well how to deliver a Wedding Ceremony, which will be written on your hearts, and in your memories – for the rest of your lives.

About Me
‘A Tad About Me.’

I personally fall in love each and every day with my own Bride, Mary Kelly. We have two sons, Simon and Holden; Simon is over the threshold, and into adulthood, while Holden is about 8 laps behind, journeying into his teenage years.

We love the beach, sports, our neighborhood, our community, and one another, and we laugh A LOT.

We also love seasonal trips to run around and play in the mountains.

A North Carolina native with a true American story, who values honesty and integrity, I was raised in a strong working-family where hard work and education was expected. Same with Mary Kelly. We were always taught, ‘as you have been given, give unto others.’